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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton Crying Sexism!

While watching channel 11 News the other night, I saw a report run where Elton John commented, “I never cease to be amazed by the misogynistic attitudes of some people in this country," at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton; blaming sexism as the cause for her trailing Barrack Obama. According to News day, Hillary Clinton reportedly stated on National Public Radio that there’s “a double standard" in the media coverage of the race. A report on quoted Chelsea Clinton stating, "I didn't really get how much sexism there still was in our country until I was at a rally with my mom in New Hampshire, and someone came up to me and said, 'I just can't see a woman being commander in chief,"' during a stop in Research Triangle Park. Is there really sexism in America to such a profound degree that it is affecting Hillary Clinton’s campaign to this extent? Why wasn’t sexism considered as much of a concern to her campaign prior to her trailing Barrack Obama? And if Sexism was such a concern, why would she be considered, and consider herself the presidential front runner?
My assumption is that this is all a desperate attempt to guilt women voters into showing stronger support for her campaign. What she’s trying to say to women voters is: remember that job you didn’t get because you’re a woman, remember that promotion you didn’t get that was given to the guy on your job that isn’t as qualified as you are because he’s a man, remember Anuka Brown? Don’t let me be the next victim, don’t let us keep being the victim, stand up and fight sexism in America, vote for me and show that women in America will not be victims of sexism anymore. I thought this was supposed to be about the issues!

I think about the frowning faces that would have been seen had Barrack Obama been lagging in the polls and attributing it to him being black. I can hear the political pundits now questioning his integrity for “Playing the race card”. They’d probably say, “Just like a black man to cry racism when he doesn’t get his way”. Hillary Clinton is exposing herself more and more throughout the process of this campaign as a candidate that has questionable integrity; lying about ducking gunshots in Bosnia when footage showed her arriving to a peaceful and warm reception, crying crocodile tears in New Hampshire after political analyst suggested she show a more feminine and softer side, and now, in what has become to be recognized as a typical Hillary move, she resorts to playing the “Sex card”. Will she compromise the safety of Americans like she’s compromised her integrity to get her way? If her campaign for the Democratic presidential bid is any indication, I’m not sure I’ll feel too safe with her answering that phone at 3:00 AM in the White House.