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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Do we teach hate?

You can show and tell someone something, but with the exception of mind control, you cannot dictate what manner they will interpret what they have been shown or allowed to hear. You can show a movie about slavery to a classroom full of students. You may have students who see the movie and think, “Oh my God that’s awful. How could anyone do that to another human being?” At the same time you may have students who look at the movie and see a weaker race being conquered and dominated by a stronger one. Your intent could have been to compel sympathy for the plight of Black Americans and indirectly you could have risen up sentiments of White supremacy. Look at the people you feel sorry for then answer this question, do you think we’re doing ourselves more harm than good by centering our history around slavery and the civil rights movement? You be the judge! Check out the poll on the left.

Written by S.F


1 comment:

WillNotBeTelevised said...

1. I dont think that teaching about the history of slavery is "promoting slavery" I think learning history and particularly the history of slavery/civil rights is important to everyone. We live as historical beings. We are where we are in society because of a certain history. We cant consciously face where we are going until we know where we've been, how we got there and what that implies about our life today. Things haven't changed much and in fact are declining in terms of civil rights.

But really I dont agree with the question. As a teacher, you should never teach slavery with "the intent of evoking sympathy" and if the teacher is doing a good job of teaching American history, they wouldnt teach the same old: the blacks were slaves then they were freed, then we did some more bad things but then we had the civil rights movement and now we are equal? NO. Maybe they might talk about how the CIA's mission was to destroy the black power movement by killing/jailing leaders? etc. etc.