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Monday, September 04, 2006


Buy or sell

BEYONCE “RING THE ALARM” - Just like most of the music out right now, hot beat; lyrics questionable.

“She gon' be rockin' chinchilla coats
If I let you go
Get in the house off the coast
If I let you go
She gon' take everything I own
If I let you go
I can't let you go, damn if I let you go”
Guess she got that independent shit up out of here, question!

Lyfe Jennings “S.E.X”- This a joint for all those Joey Badafucos out there cradle robbing and all those hot in the ass young girls gased off that hardcore album

Cassie “ME AND YOU”- Yo this chick looks like a homosexual boy in his preteens, and she can’t sing. Who signs these people!

CHERISH “UNAPPRECIATED” – This joint sounds like something one of my exes wrote, I knew one them chicks looked familiar

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