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Thursday, September 07, 2006


I have been seeing post about the arrest of Mos Def at the VMA's all over the net, but I bumped into the actual footage on PROHIPHOP.COM

I give props to Most Def for taking such a bold action to voice his opinion. At the same time, I look at the whole Katrina incident and see more than just right wing politicians disregard for Blacks in America. What I see is Black America still being unable or unwilling to stand on its own two feet. It has been well noted that American politicians could careless about the poor population of Blacks in America. This is something we already knew, yet Katrina happens and all of a sudden it becomes abundantly clear. I think we shouldn’t be demanding and begging for help from a government we know has no real intentions of doing such a thing. I think we should be focusing more so on doing things ourselves, such as what was done in Iraq when the government was paying for contractors to go out there and rebuild the Country. Let us set up some type of program where we send contractors to New Orleans to help rebuild the state, why don't we rent charter buses and get together volunteers willing to go out to New Orleans and assist in sanitation of the disaster grounds, like they did in NY when 9/11 happened (minus the charter buses) Is this such a crazy idea. I mean the price it would cost to rebuild some of the disaster areas and houses in New Orleans, some rappers spend on chains and vehicles. I think it's time for the more fortunate people from the black community to comeback and do something that really makes a difference to the poor population of blacks in America. Quincy Jones, Danny Glover, Bill Cosby, Puffy, Jay-z, Prince, Michael Jackson, some of these artist by themselves could afford to purchase an Island somewhere, but when it comes to their own people those fat wallets get liposuction. They can only make movies, songs, and complain in fits of outrage. None of them wants to spend any money that isn't tax deductible. None of them to my knowledge went running into New Orleans trying to help those people. Even Sean Pen took his boat and a crew of people and went out there trying to assist people (as much as I hate to note that) While Kanye West was at the VMA's calling himself making a statement by publicly stating the obvious. I remember 2pac made a statement on a documentary I saw once about the White House. The comment was related to how there is so many unoccupied rooms in the white house, and at the same time they have homeless people sleeping on the white house steps. We have Black celebrities with houses with damn near as many rooms as the White House that are unoccupied, who come on T.V and complain about people who have lost their homes in New Orleans having no place to go, which in my opinion is worse. A friend of mine who is an artist that goes by the name of Cavalier came to me with a song called don't cry for me. That song was basically his message to white America saying “I’m alright. I don’t need you to come and rescue me. I got me. Mind your business” that song is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. White America loves to hear the story of the downtrodden niggers begging them for hand outs. Pardon my French, but when do we develop a mentality of fuck them we got us. I look at the whole Katrina situation and it makes me outraged not at them, but outraged at us. It has become abundantly clear to me that we don't care about each other enough to sacrifice our materialistic pursuits and values for the salvation of our own people, even in disaster.


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Again this is just my personal views thoughts and opinions I’m no journalist. I just write what I see and write how I feel. I know I really ran off at the keys with this one. If anybody knows any actions that any black celebrity’s haven taken in Katrina relief. Excluding charity donations, and benefit concerts, please feel free to post a comment about it. Such acts need to be publicized and


Anonymous said...

Right on, I especially feel this line: "we shouldn’t be demanding and begging for help from a government we know has no real intentions of doing such a thing."

Problem is, many people don't know this. They have to be convinced. Then the question is "how do you convince them?" "how do you (re)educate?" Every answer brings a question, every question another question. Even still, we gotta start somewhere and I respect postings like this. I agree wholeheartedly. Keep it funky.

-The Unforgivable StarPower

Anonymous said...

you really shouldn't throw names out there cause you have no clue about what those people have done. Especially Bill Cosby.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, I believe Dave Chappelle has given some type of support for Katrina victims. I believe any help benefits! But remember, although the public may not be aware of whom has so kindly given, support of this magnitude takes time and order. Especially, with scandal artists! We must come together and create some type of solution that will support those in these types of disasters. Oh My Goodness

Demarcus said...

Yeah, i understand standing on our on two feet, but that bullshit. I pay hundreds of dollars a week in taxes as do most of the people i know and can't get any services for it. The gov't is supposed to step in and provide aid to people, thats why we supposedly pay taxes. And when the twin towers collapsed (exploded) the federal gov't stepped in and help with our tax money, and we should not let it go. We need to pressure the gov't for our just do, whenever they do respond in the way that they should. They spendiing all that money in Iraq on a war that shouldn't be, and people died in the streets during Katrina and now they are taking their homes and nothings being done about it. We as a people and we as a nation have become to complacent and allow the politians to do whatever they like. They work for us, but we seem to be confused and think that we have to ask them to do certain things instead of demanding things to happen. Remember the tea party, no taxation without reprensetation, except for now it should be no taxation without some service.

Anonymous said...

i think its not only a black thing but a poor thing in general no one cares abouyt poor people

Morghan said...

I agree with the last comment. I think it has more to do with class rather than race. Our government is so corrupt that they're not willing to help anyone out unless there's money to be made from it. We live in a country based on greed, sad but true, and untill people start caring enough to stand up for one another regardless of race, class or religion nothing is ever going to change.