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Saturday, October 07, 2006


STACY DASH- This is not the body of a 40 year old woman. I can only pray that I am lucky enough to marry a girl that ages like her. I saw Marquis Houston’s new video and decided to post something about the way Stacy Dash doesn't seem to age. When I went looking for photos of her I found out she posed for Playboy this year. Whoa! her body is amazing. This might be a warped assumption but I think she has some enchanted servant snatching pretty young girls and draining the youth out of them. I think if we broke the spell all the young- old looking white chicks will magically get their youth back. (p.s. check her out in Playboy –Aug.2006- Oh Boy!) (BUY)(BUY)(BUY)

TYRESE-OH MY GOD! I just had to post about this. Tyrese putting out a double CD titled “ALTER EGO”. Baby boy is planning to attempt to do a rap album. One disk of his double CD is dedicated to his alter ego Black Ty, who has rapping abilities few have been aware of. If it sounds anything like that rap he spit on his first single “NOBODY ELSE” watch out! What the hell is going on? everybody wants to be a thug. This dude went from a Coke and a smile, singing “SWEET LADY” to being a Thugged out rapper over night. I guess he had to figure out a way to capitalize off the hood fame he acquired through “BABY BOY” and “THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS 2” movies. I can hear his publicist now. “The singing thing isn’t working for you; Rap, yeah rap is where it’s at for you Ty. Rap is in, it’s in and it’s big. You’ve got to get a piece of this. We’re going to create an alter ego for you. We’ll call him Black Ty, yeah that’s it, genius baby, pure genius.” What’s worse is that on his Mix tape you’ve got S&S and KAY SLAY cosigning this dude like he’s really hot. I think Mickey Mouse could start rapping tomorrow and there would be industry heads to cosign him for the right price.(SELL)
For anyone that curious enough to want to down load his mixtape here’s the link
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P DIDDY- “COME TO ME” This dude and his dance move’s, the little scene with him in the doorway remind me of Paula Abdul’s “STRAIGHT UP” video. I could have sworn I saw some of those move’s in an old John Travolta movie, I think it was a joint from the middle of his career because he was fat. Why does Puff sound like his mouth is mad heavy on this joint? I can’t front though the song is mad catchy, that “do it, do it, do it, do it,” shit has been stuck in my head for days. (SELL)

HEATHER HEADLY- IN MY MIND- This chick really gets me. Interracial dating is cool with me, but this broad. She made that record “He is” which was supposed to be a record uplifting black men. She stay having black men in her videos on some “I love my brothers” type ish and married a white boy in real life. Maybe she’s just giving black male artists a taste of their own medicine. I might be bugging, but why is she cheesing in the video? Isn’t it supposed to be a song about longing? Something about her just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s that oversized Lemon she has for a head. (SELL)

RUBEN STUDDARD- CHANGE ME- When I first heard it I thought it sucked, and now that I’ve gotten the opportunity to really listen to it…..I still think it sucks. Funny thing is though, I get what he’s trying to say with this record. I feel that much. He on some ‘you got so much to say about me, what if I start talking about all the stuff that’s wrong with you?’- Say ahh, like how your breath smell in the morning- like you’ve been drinking toilet bowl water after somebody hit it with a number 2. (SELL)

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