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Thursday, October 05, 2006


The Island
If anyone has ever wondered about the possibilities of Stem Cell research I’d advise you to see this movie. Imagine a world where you could have yourself cloned for the specific purpose of providing you with vital organs as an insurance policy! You need a bone marrow no need searching for donors they’ll just take it from your clone; you need a new Kidney, a new heart, anything. I was watching Television with my very picky and neurotic girlfriend, who probably sat through the film because it fed into her paranoia about government conspiracies. You know microchips in human body’s type of stuff, when I came across this film.

They had this facility full of people you would assume were regular humans. As it would turn out they were basically a colony of clones purchased as insurance policies by celebrities. When they created the clones they’d feed images into their brains electronically to make them think they had a memory of a past. In the facility they’d put them through rigorous work outs to keep their organs in tip top shape. They had a scene where one of them pisses in the toilet and the toilet tells him he has too much sodium in his system and he gets put on a diet.

Of course it was a corrupt corporation behind it all. The CEO of the company had the clones believing they were regular humans and that they couldn’t go outside because disease had plagued society and killed off humanity. They had them believing the world outside of the city was one filled with pestilence and disease. The facility where they were housed was claimed to be the only quarantined and disease free place left on Earth (with the exception of the Island). The Island was a place the company created to prevent the clones from becoming suspicious of the disappearance of other clones they had befriended. The company had created a lottery system where the winner, a.k.a the next clone to have a vital organ removed and be murdered, would get to go to the Island, which is supposed to be the only disease free paradise left on Earth.. I found this crazy the clones that won would be ecstatic and celebrating none the wiser unsuspecting of their preeminent doom.
The company had the people that were purchasing the clones as insurance policies believe the clones were in a veggie state and didn’t talk, walk or engage in any human activity, which was a lie, but hey they couldn’t have the policy holders feeling guilty about what was going on now could they. Well as luck would have it, one of the clones finds himself at the wrong place at the right time and sees something he shouldn’t but needs to see. He escapes the facility and all sorts of high speed chases and action scenes ensue. After it’s all said and done the whole thing is exposed and the movie ends, well not quite it’s a bit more to it than that but you get the picture. It was good movie over all; at least I liked it anyway. My girlfriend seemed like she pretty much enjoyed it also or maybe it was just the possibility of that whole cloning thing that had us captivated. Anyway I advise anyone curious about the future of Stem cell research or Cloning to check this movie.

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